Emerald gates


Emerald gates are a special type of item that allow owners to control access to specific areas of their room. They offer fantastic utility for room owners, enabling them to set an Emerald requirement for entry, thereby helping them to monetize their building and hosting skills within Habbo X. Note that these gates will be placeable in Habbo, but will not work there.

In this article, we’ll refer to the activity or game the Emerald gate owner is hosting as a “game”. We’ll refer to the fee charged to use the gates as the “Emerald gate fee”.

Emerald gate modes

Emerald gates have two modes owners can select: regular mode and prize pool mode.

1. Regular mode

In this mode, players pay a specified amount of Emeralds to pass through the gate and participate in the game. The gate owner receives all the Emeralds collected, except for the Emerald gate fee which is deducted before the owner gets their cut. More information on the Emerald gate fee is provided below.

2. Prize pool mode 

In this mode, all Emeralds paid by players is funnelled into a prize pool. The owner is able to determine what percentage of the prize pool they get as the owner after the Emerald gate fee is deducted (this is called the “owner’s cut”). The rest of the Emeralds are awarded to the winner of the game. 

Important points:

  • The gate owner manually picks one winner to receive the prize pool Emeralds after the game they’re hosting finishes.
  • The owner's cut cannot be altered after one person has paid to get through the gate. 
  • The actual Emerald payout to the winner’s wallet should only take seconds. The winner will receive Emeralds, not Emerald Furni.
  • Players can only enter the gate once per game. 
  • The Emerald gate fee is deducted from the total prize pool amount before the winner and owner cut is determined. See below for an example of the prize pool mode in action.

An example of the prize pool mode in action 

The room owner sets their cut to 20%, which means the winner of the activity will get 80%. From the total price pool of 100 Emeralds, 5 Emeralds are deducted for the fee, making the prize pool 95 Emeralds in total. So, the winner would get 80% of the prize pool (76 Emeralds) and the room owner would get 20% (19 Emeralds).

The Emerald gate fee

Currently, the Emerald gate fee is fixed at 5%, although this may change in the future.

It's essential to note that the 5% fee is rounded up. For example, if your gate is set to regular mode with an entry fee of 1 Emerald, you won't receive any Emeralds because the minimum amount deducted is 1 Emerald. However, if you charge 2 Emeralds, you will receive 1 Emerald. Similarly, a 3 Emerald entry fee would yield 2 Emeralds per participant, and so on.

When prize pool mode is enabled, the Habbo X fee is also rounded up, but it is deducted from the total prize pool amount. After deducting the 5% fee and after the game finishes, the owner receives their share, and the remaining Emeralds from the prize pool is awarded to the winner of the game. 

Acquiring Emerald gates

You can purchase them as items from our Shop, priced in Emeralds. Additionally, you will find them available for purchase from the Habbo Furni collection on Immutable's marketplace.

Gambling in Habbo X is not permitted

To ensure players don’t use the gates to gamble in Habbo X, we’ll be monitoring the use of them. As made clear in the community rules, you risk being banned from the game permanently if you gamble.

We reserve the right to change the gates' functionality and prevent their use with items that can create random results.


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