Furni collectibles

1. Head to habbo.com, habbo.es, whichever site you want to use your furni collectibles in. Login and navigate to the settings page by clicking on the drop down menu underneath your avatar name.

2. Click ‘Connect Metamask Wallet’ and then proceed to connect it. Once connected, our system then scans your wallet to see if it contains any furni collectibles.

3. Then, click ‘DOWNLOAD’. (You can alternatively click ‘HOTEL’ to play the browser-based version of the Modern client).

4. You’ll be given the opportunity to download the Habbo Launcher for your machine (see bottom two orange boxes for Windows and Mac). AFTER you’ve done this, you’ll need to copy the login code from the box.

5. Load up the Habbo Launcher and then copy the code you copied into the text box, then select ‘Classic’. This loads up Habbo with you logged into your account.

6. To use your furni collectibles, first you need to enter a room that you own. Access the Navigator by clicking on the ‘Rooms’ icon on the bottom tool bar, then click on the ‘Create Room’ button.

7. Once you’ve created your room, click on the ‘My Stuff’ icon on the bottom tool bar to open your inventory. If you’ve got a lot of furni, you might have to search for the one you want to use (you can see in this case we’ve searched for ‘sofa’ given we’re trying to find the Diamond HC Sofas our account owns). Then, place it in your room!

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