Speech bubble collectibles

1. Head to habbo.com, habbo.es, or whichever site you want to use your speech bubble on. Login and navigate to the settings page by clicking on the drop down menu underneath your avatar name.

2. Click ‘Connect Metamask Wallet’ and then proceed to connect it. Once connected, our system then scans your wallet for any NFTs that will give your avatar an effect to use. For example, if you own a Metaverse HQ NFT, our system will allow you to use the effect that is connected to ownership of that (we use this as an example below).

3. Then, click ‘HOTEL’.

4. Open the Navigator by clicking the room icon on the bottom right hand toolbar.

5. Click on a room in the Navigator to enter it (it doesn’t matter which one you enter).

6. Once you’re in a room, click on the speech bubble selection icon to the left of the chat bar and select the speech bubble you want to use.

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