How to open gift boxes

1. You need a gift box in your inventory. Gift boxes are basically furni collectibles that contain at least one other random item when you open them. You can get them during events we run, or from the Habbo Furni collection on IMX.

2. Then head to the Shop section of our website. You will need to connect your wallet to Immutable before you can enter this section of the website. Connect it here.

3. Click on the inventory tab, then click on “Open Box”.

4. A MetaMask wallet popup will appear asking you to "sign" a transaction (for more information about what signing a transaction means, check this article). Once that’s done, one random Habbo Collectible will be added to your inventory, fully usable inside Habbo!


  1. Some items are harder to obtain than others (i.e. they have lower drop rates).
  2. The items displayed in this how to guide were released during our 1st birthday event in September 2022.
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