Collector Cabinets

A Collector Cabinet is a feature you can use to convert your existing Habbo furni into a type of Habbo Collectible called a Relic. 

Just like other collectibles, Relics can be bought and sold freely for Ether (ETH) on Immutable, and in most cases they can be used in all ten hotels we operate instead of just the one where they originated from.

What you need to use your Collector Cabinet

To use your Collector Cabinet, you need the following:

  1. A MetaMask wallet that is connected to Immutable.
  2. At least one Curator Stamp – the rarer and more expensive furni will need multiple stamps.
  3. A furni that has been whitelisted / added to the Collector Cabinet (see below for more information about which furni can be converted to Relics using Collector Cabinets).

Which furni can become Relics

After the launch of Collector Cabinets, we’ll add more furni to them each month, essentially whitelisting more and more furni on a monthly basis. 

After furni has been available in Collector Cabinets for a while, we’ll rotate them out. Note that all furni we rotate out will almost certainly be added back in the future.

We’re adding furni to Collector Cabinets gradually like this for two main reasons:

  1. It’ll allow us to keep the feature fun and interesting. For example, we can run themed “seasons” that run alongside existing Habbo campaigns and events.
  2. Doing things in this way also helps us to mitigate any adverse effects on the nine hotel’s trading economies. Slowly but surely rather than all at once.

How to use your Collector Cabinet

When you open your Collector Cabinet, you’ll see furni that are currently convertible to Relics. If you own one of the furni on display, a number will be visible underneath. This indicates how many you have in your inventory. 


Collector Cabinet Relics November 20th.png

For now, Collector Cabinets are located in a new tab in the Shop within the Modern client. However, in the future we plan to add an entirely new window for Collector Cabinets and the other collectible-related features we intend to introduce to Habbo.

Hotel locked Relics

Another way in which we can protect the economies of our nine hotels is by locking some furni to the hotel it originated from and Habbo X. In the graphic above you can see that this is made clear when you actually use the feature to convert your furni to a Relic – the lock icon will show as either locked (only usable in the hotel it originated from and Habbo X) or unlocked (usable in all hotels, including Habbo X).

A good example of a type of furni that would always be locked are LTDs.

What happens to your furni once it becomes a relic

Once you’ve converted your furni to a Relic, you will be able to use it freely in Habbo as long as it stays in your MetaMask wallet and you keep the wallet connected to Habbo.

In most cases, you’ll be able to use any Relics you collect in all ten of the hotels we operate. You can also sell any Relics you own for ETH – a widely used cryptocurrency – on Immutable’s marketplace.

Once your furni has been converted to a Relic, it’s essentially removed from your account and our databases, and is permanently moved to the Immutable blockchain like all of our other furni collectibles.

❗️ IMPORTANT: you CANNOT reverse this process. Once a furni is a Relic, it’s a Relic forever.


Why have you called these collectibles “Relics”?

We felt that it was important to differentiate them from other collectible items in our ecosystem, and in the future we plan to present them slightly differently in inventories to make them stand out.

There are also other features related to Habbo Collectibles, some of which we discussed in our long-term vision, that will interface with Relics. For example, the Habbo Collector Score will assign you points based on how many Relics you have.


How else do Relics differ from other collectibles?

For now, the only difference other than the name are the traits they have on Immutable. The traits are slightly different so that in the future our system can recognise them and present them differently in your inventory, for example.


How do I get Curator Stamps?

If you own a genesis Habbo Avatar, a Crafted Avatar, or a Habbo X Room, you will get a free Curator Stamp when we launch the beta. Check the information on this page to find out more about the beta.


How many Curator Stamps does it cost to convert my furni to a Relic?

This depends on the item. It’ll take multiple Curator Stamps to convert higher-value, rarer items into Relics, but for more common ones it’ll only take one.


How will I be able to get Curator Stamps when the feature is launched later this year?

You’ll be able to buy them with Emeralds. Exactly how much each stamp will cost is yet to be confirmed.


Will this feature be available in the Classic client?

We do want to make Collector Cabinets available in the Classic client. However, if it does happen, it’ll happen in the future. Certainly not for the launch of the beta.


When will this feature become available to people in a wider release?

We plan to roll out Collector Cabinets to the wider Habbo user base at some point in December this year or early next year.


Can I revert any Relics I collect back to normal furni?

No, this is not possible

It’s very important to understand that the Relic conversion process is permanent, and that once your furni becomes a Relic, you can no longer sell it for credits – you will only be able to sell it for ETH or another supported token on Immutable’s marketplace.


Will I be able to convert other types of Habbo items to Relics in the future?

Yes, we intend to make at least clothing and LTDs available in Collector Cabinets in the future. Only unbound clothing furni will be convertible though.


What will happen to my clothing furni after I convert it to a Relic?

The clothing furni becomes a clothing collectible, hosted on Immutable. You can find your collectible clothing items in the Looks Editor. The original clothing furni is removed from your inventory permanently.

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