Collector Cabinets and Relics beta test

Collector Cabinets and Relics beta test

We’re running a limited beta test for holders who own Premium Habbo Collectibles: Crafted Avatars, Genesis Habbo Avatars, Habbo Portraits and Habbo X Rooms.

Before reading this, please check this page. It explains how Collectors Cabinets and Habbo Relics work.

Why we’re running a beta

We want our holders to use Collector Cabinets before it’s released to a wider audience for two main reasons:

  1. We need help identifying any bugs or technical issues with the feature before its full release in December, and we want feedback about the UX.
  2. We want to give our holders exclusive, prior access to a highly anticipated feature.

How the beta will run

We’ll be running the beta in two phases to ensure it’s as useful as possible for us, and as beneficial for our holders as possible.

  • Phase 1 – November 20th: we launch the beta and 13 items are added to Collector Cabinets, ready to be converted to Relics (see below picture for the items we'll add). This phase lasts until December 4th, so it's roughly two weeks long. We do a snapshot to see which wallets own our Premium Collectibles – portraits, avatars, and rooms – and add FREE Curator Stamps to them so that our holders can use the feature. See below for how many you will get.
  • Phase 2 – December 4th (tentative): all Curator Stamps are removed, and we do another snapshot of Premium Collectibles. After adding another round of Curator Stamps (see below for how many you will get) we’ll add a further set of furni to Collector Cabinets. ALL stamps not used during Phase 1 will be removed, so make sure to use them! It’s TBC which furni we’ll add for Phase 2 😌 The duration of phase 2 is also TBC, but when it finishes all Curator Stamps are removed from wallets. The team will then prepare for the full release of Collector Cabinets.

17th November.png

Your free Curator Stamps

Here’s how many Curator Stamps you’ll get based on which Premium Collectibles you own:

  • Genesis Habbo Avatar = 1x Curator Stamp
  • Habbo X Room = 1x Curator Stamp
  • Habbo Portrait = 1x Curator Stamp
  • Crafted Avatar = 2x Curator Stamps

Providing feedback in Discord

We want our holder’s feedback on three main subjects:

  • Functionality and UX of the feature
  • Bugs and technical issues
  • Furni choice

Please join our Discord and use these channels to provide your feedback. They will go live on November 20th.


Which furni are you adding to Collector Cabinets for the beta?

During phase 1 of the beta, we’ll add the following items to Collector Cabinets:

  1. Club Sofa
  2. HC Chair 
  3. Table
  4. Tubmaster
  5. Throne Sofa
  6. Oil Lamp
  7. Mega TV Set
  8. Persian Carpet
  9. Retro Wall Lamp
  10. HC Roller
  11. Medieval Bookcase
  12. Weird Science Machine
  13. X-Ray Divider


Can I sell the free Curator Stamps I get during the beta?

No – Curator Stamps are not collectibles themselves, they are off-chain tokens and cannot be converted into collectibles, so they cannot be sold to other players.


Will I be able to keep any Relics I get?



Can I sell any Relics that I get?

Yes, of course you can.


Why are you going to remove Curator Stamps at the end of the beta?

One of the main points of running the beta is to get people using the feature as much as possible. By removing any unused Curator Stamps at the end of the beta, we encourage people to use the feature during the beta, as opposed to hoarding their stamps until the full release in December / early next .


How many Curator Stamps will I need to get each Relic?

The number of Curator Stamps needed to convert your furni to Relics depends on the furni itself. In general, the rarer and higher-value the furni, the more Curator Stamps that will be needed.

The cost will be visible in the UI before you actually go ahead and convert your Relic.


Which furni are you going to add to Collector Cabinets during phase 2 of the beta?

That’s still to be decided 😏


Will Collector Cabinets be available in the mobile app?

No, they'll only be available in the desktop version of the Modern client.

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