Our limited edition collectible ticketing system

How limited edition draws work

We offer special limited edition collectibles, which means only a certain number of them are available. To ensure everyone has a fair chance at purchasing these items, we use a draw system on our website.

Here's how it works: if you're interested in buying a limited edition collectible, you can enter the draw by paying the required price in Emeralds for the item. This draw typically remains open for 24 hours. Once the draw period ends, winners are randomly selected, and they get one of the collectibles. Those draw participants that didn't get to buy one are refunded the Emeralds they spent.

Better draw weighting for people with avatars

To provide our Genesis Habbo Avatar and Crafted Avatar owners with extra utility, we have a ticketing system that gives the bigger holders better chances of being able to buy limited edition collectibles.

Our ticketing system will calculate the number of tickets a wallet should have using the number of avatars it has.

Here’s the formula:

avatar balance ^ 1.25 * 100 = tickets

Below are some examples of how many tickets you’d get based on how many Genesis Habbo Avatars you have:

  • 1x Genesis Habbo Avatar = 100 tickets
  • 2x Genesis Habbo Avatars = 238 tickets
  • 10x Genesis Habbo Avatars = 1778 tickets
  • 50x Genesis Habbo Avatars = 13296 tickets

Crafted Avatars are worth two Genesis Habbo Avatars in this case. Below are some examples of how many tickets you'd get based on how many Crafted Avatars you have:

  • 1x Crafted Avatar = 238 tickets
  • 2x Crafted Avatars = 566 tickets
  • 10x Crafted Avatars = 4229 tickets
  • 50x Crafted Avatars = 31623 tickets

❗ You can win only once. If you win, all of your tickets are removed from the pool.

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