Dates and times

Below is the current schedule for Alpha 1:

  1. December 12th: open up Alpha 1 access for Habbo Avatar owners.
  2. December 13th: have a 24 hour "open house" period where anyone who is 18+ years old with a MetaMask wallet can play. We're encouraging everyone to join to see what is possible with Habbo X's furni catalogue. This will also provide us with good insight into how the game performs when more people join.
  3. December 14th: Habbo X room sale on The alpha will be locked back down for Habbo Avatar owners and room owners.


  • People who participate in the 24 hour open house period will have access to a small demo room. You will only be allowed one other person in your demo room, but you'll be able to access Habbo X's furni catalogue.
  • After December 14th, the Habbo X Alpha 1 will remain open indefinitely for Habbo Avatar and room owners.
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