Future alphas and the public beta

Habbo X development will take place in stages. While we don't have a firm, concrete roadmap, project founder Muumiopappa went into a fair amount of detail about what you can expect to see in future alphas and the public beta here.

Below you can find a breakdown, with a rough timeline.

Q4 2022: Alpha 1

This alpha will focus on room building and demonstrating the levels of creativity you can express using your room.

Q2 2023: Alpha 2

Alpha 2 will see the addition of even more powerful building tools. As well as this, we'll be adding the ability to charge and award tokens for participating in the activities you host.

Q3 2023: Alpha 3

This phase will see more community-centric features added. For example social media integrations, better community management options and better ways to display which NFTs you own and which project(s) you belong to.

Public beta

Dates for this are yet to be confirmed, as we need to be 100% certain the game is ready.

Check Muumiopappa's Habbo X roadmap blog for more information about our plans for 2023 and beyond.

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