How to log into Habbo X

Check below for a step by step guide showing how to log into Habbo X 👇

1. Ensure you have a MetaMask wallet and the Habbo Launcher installed on your computer (Get the Windows or Mac version of the launcher).

2. Visit and click the "Enter Habbo X" button on the front page.


3. Click the green "Login with MetaMask" button.


4. After clicking the "Login with MetaMask" button you'll be prompted to connect your MetaMask wallet.


5. Once you've connected your wallet, you'll be given a (hidden) login code. Copy this code using the button provided, then click the "Launch Habbo X" button.


6. When you have the Habbo Launcher open, simply copy the login code you got and click the bottom button to launch the game.


7. You're in!


  1. You need to download the Habbo Launcher to play Habbo X. This is a standalone desktop app that launches the Habbo X client.
  2. If you get logged out or the Habbo X app closes while you're playing, you'll need to refresh and connect your MetaMask wallet again.
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