Room sizes

In Habbo X, rooms are made up of tiles. The bigger the room you buy, the more tiles it has, which means you have more space you have to build in, which in turn allows you to create even more insane rooms. Habbo X will repurpose Habbo's floorplan editor, which is a tool that allows you to customise the arrangement of tiles.

  • Demo Room: 35 tiles (these rooms are not part of the genesis Habbo X rooms collection, and are not available to buy. Demo rooms are rooms everyone gets access to, regardless of whether or not they have a Habbo Avatar or a room they've minted.)
  • Regular Room: 75 tiles
  • Studio Room: 180 tiles
  • Junior Suite: 400 tiles
  • Executive Suite: 900 tiles
  • Presidential Suite: 2000 tiles
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