Furni Factories

All genesis rooms in Habbo X will act as “Furni Factories” that can produce Furni Crates. Furni Crates contain furni collectibles that will NOT be obtainable anywhere else and will not be produced by any other rooms we release in the future. 

Some of the potential items inside the crates are crafting ingredients, which will make Furni Factories the source of some pretty scarce and exclusive items.

Which Furni Crates your room can produce

Your factory can produce up to three Furni Crates per calendar month based on three different factors.

In a new section on our website, you’ll be able to choose which of these factors you use to claim your first, second and third crate each month.

Below you can find each of the factors, with the types of crate each one gets you:

1. Room design trait

  • Common trait = common crate
  • Uncommon trait = uncommon crate
  • Rare trait = rare crate
  • Epic trait = epic crate
  • Legendary trait = legendary crate

As there aren’t any Executive and Presidential Suites with epic or legendary rarities, these rooms will be handled differently: 

  • Executive or Presidential Suite with a common room design trait = rare crate
  • Executive or Presidential Suite with an uncommon room design trait = epic crate
  • Executive or Presidential Suite with a rare design = legendary crate

2. Room size

  • Regular room = common crate
  • Studio room = uncommon crate
  • Junior Suite = rare crate
  • Executive Suite = epic crate
  • Presidential Suite = legendary crate
  • Presidential Suite Level 5 = legendary+ crate (this is the only way to get a legendary+ Furni Crate)

3. Random

While the third factor is random, it’s weighted. You can find the drop rates below:

  • Common = 40%
  • Uncommon = 30%
  • Rare = 18%
  • Epic = 8%
  • Legendary = 4%

Getting your Furni Crates

Each calendar month, you can get up to three Furni Crates from your genesis room’s Furni Factory. The first crate is free, the second one will cost 100 Emeralds, and the third one will cost 350 Emeralds.

The mint counter resets on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC. So you can get a crate for free at 23:59 on the last day of the month and another one a minute later at 00:00 UTC. (The same logic applies to the second and third crates that cost Emeralds.)

The claim counter is room specific, which means that if you have two genesis Habbo X rooms, you could claim up to six Furni Crates every month, if you spent 900 Emeralds. 

This also means that if you buy a genesis Habbo X room from the aftermarket, you will only be able to get crates from it that month if the previous owner of the room hasn’t already minted them. If they have, you’ll have to wait until the next month begins to start claiming crates from your room.

Items you get from Furni Crates

Furni Crates have one of six different rarities:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary
  6. Legendary+ (only obtainable if you have a level 5 Presidential Suite)

The better the rarity of the crate, the better chance you have of getting a rarer item from it. For example, the Legendary crates will only contain hard to get items while Common crates will mostly drop more common ones.

Below you can see what the crates from genesis Habbo X rooms contain:


Lots of the items from Furni Factories can be crafted into other items on our website. Check the below graphic to see what's possible:

info_craft_1 (1).png


Future Furni Factories

In the future we’ll release more Habbo X rooms, and these will also have Furni Factories attached to them. However – and this is extremely important – these rooms will not be able to produce any of the items genesis Habbo X rooms produce.


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