Furni Factories

All genesis rooms in Habbo X will act as Furni Factories and will produce up to three NFT furni on a monthly basis that will not be obtainable anywhere else. 

The types of furni you are able to mint are fixed and are assigned to your room randomly. Every month, you’ll be able to mint one of your room’s assigned furni for free. If you want to mint one of the other two types your room is assigned, you’ll need to spend NFT credits (NFTC). You'll only be able to mint one of each type every month. So, a maximum of three in total each month.

ALL items genesis rooms produce will be FULLY EXCLUSIVE!

Genesis rooms will produce EXCLUSIVE items that will NOT be obtainable anywhere else and will not be produced by any other rooms we release in the future.

This is really important because some items produced by genesis room Furni Factories will be crafting ingredients, and will be usable in brand new crafting recipes in the crafting section of our website.


As detailed above, your genesis room will be assigned three different items randomly. All items (including the crafting materials) will have one of five different rarities:

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary

The new crafting recipes we add will create an interesting supply / demand mechanic: your genesis rooms will become specialised factories, because people will need specific resources to create specific items.


  • Some non-genesis rooms that are released in the future will have this utility but won’t be able to produce three different types of item – they will only be able to produce one or two every month.
  • Rooms linked to Habbo Avatars will not have the Furni Factory functionality.


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