Furni collectibles

As our ecosystem has grown, we've released a number of furni collectibles. They're hosted on layer 2 solution Immutable.

1. To use your furni collectibles in Habbo X, log in with the wallet that you have the items in and enter one of your rooms. Everyone gets a small demo room – you can place and build with them there.



2. Once you're in your room, you need to open your inventory, and then find your furni by using filter options on the left hand side. You can then click on the it by clicking on the highlighted icon on the bottom right hand toolbar, select the item you want to place, and click the "Place to room" button.



3. Done!


(Note: BW Skyline poster is not a collectible, it's a regular Habbo furni. This guide was created on a test version of Habbo X.)


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