How to enter rooms

Habbo X's navigation system will evolve and improve over time with the addition of the navigator. For now, we have a simple but easy to use navigator window that you can use to move through the game to the various public rooms we have. You can also use it to get into your own rooms – be it a demo room, a room connected to your Habbo Avatar, or a genesis room you purchased.

1. Open the navigator by clicking on this icon:



2. Open the "Recommended" tab to see the five public rooms. (Click on the room to enter it.)



3. Open the "My World" tab to see all of the rooms you own. Note that the below view is what you will see if you don't own an actual genesis Habbo X room or any avatars – ALL Habbo X players get a small demo room.



4. For those people who hold NFTs from selected official partner projects, you get access to your very own community hub. To access it, just click the "Partnership" button on the right hand side.


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