How to build in your room

Habbo X gives you access to a massive library of items you can use to decorate and build out your room for free. Every single player gets access to this library as well as a small demo room which can host up to two people at one time. This is the size of room we'll be demonstrating in the below building tutorial.


1. After you've entered the room you want to build in, you need to enable build mode by clicking this icon on the bottom toolbar:



2. Once you've enabled build mode, you can open your inventory and move to the "Free furni" tab. Simply scroll through all of the available items and select which ones you want to use in your room, then click the "Place in room" button. After you've placed the item, click outside of the room to get back to build mode, after which you'll be able to move, rotate and pick up the furni.


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