Buying rooms with NFT credits

We're making 100x Studio Rooms available to purchase with 6000x NFT credits. We've made a list of frequently asked questions below:


1. Will the limited edition Big Habbo X Room Keys be numbered?

Yes, they will be.


2. Will the Small Habbo X Room Keys also be limited edition?

No, they’ll be regular NFT furni.


3. Do I get a Small Habbo X Room Key just for participating?

Yes, everyone who participates successfully will get a Small Habbo X Room Key. 


4. What happens if I get a Big Habbo X Room Key and sell it right away before it’s airdropped? Will I still get the room?


No, you won’t. Make sure you hold onto the key until after the snapshot is done, otherwise you won’t get the room! If you want to sell your Big Habbo X Room Key, the safest thing to do is to hold onto it until you’ve actually received your Studio Room.

5. If I have 2x Big Habbo X Room Keys in my wallet when the snapshot is done, will my wallet be airdropped 2x Studio Rooms?



6. Can I participate in the limited edition raffle twice with one wallet if I have 12,000 NFTC?

This won’t be possible, no.

7. In 2022 you mentioned that you were working on a ticketing system that gives people with more avatars a better chance to get limited edition items. Are you using that system for this drop?

Yes, we will be. Our ticketing system will calculate the number of tickets a wallet should have using the number of avatars it has. Here’s the formula:


Below are some examples of how many tickets you’d get based on how many avatars you have:

  • 1 avatar = 100 tickets
  • 2 avatars = 238 tickets
  • 10 avatars = 1778 tickets
  • 50 avatars = 13296 tickets

You can win only once. If you win, all of your tickets are removed from the pool.


8. What’s stopping me from transferring one of my avatars around different wallets and spending 6k NFT credits on each wallet? I could get multiple free Small Habbo X Room Keys this way.

This won’t be possible. Right before the limited edition draw comes to an end we’ll be checking all wallets that have participated. Those wallets that participated but don’t have an avatar in will only be refunded the 6k NFT credits they spent. They won’t get a Small Habbo X Room Key.

9. Do I need to own a Habbo Avatar to participate in this drop?

Yes, you need at least one avatar in your wallet to participate in the drop.


10. What size rooms are the ones you can buy with NFTC?

They’ll all be Studio Rooms.


11. Will the rarities of the 100x Studio Rooms be randomised?


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