Habbo Avatar trait editing

Note: in this article we will use the term “crafted avatars” to refer to avatars that are created as the result of crafting two genesis Habbo Avatars together. We’re still not decided on the final name for the new collection, and we’ll be getting community input on the final decision.


How much will it cost in NFTC to use this feature?

In our original proposal we said that it’d cost 1k NFTC, but given how long has passed since it was shared and how much our ecosystem has evolved since then, we've decided to increase this (preliminarily) to 5k NFTC. This cost will apply to both creating a crafted avatar and getting the original avatars back. The final price will depend heavily on community feedback provided in our Discord and on Twitter.


Do I have to pay gas when I mint new crafted avatars?



When I create a crafted avatar, what happens to my original two genesis Habbo Avatars

They’ll be transferred to a newly created burn wallet. While we’ve not fully confirmed how it’ll work yet, the dev team plans to change these avatars' traits to “burned”, or at the very least their images will be changed to “obsolete” to indicate that the avatars have been burned.


Will I get the two avatars back when I revert a crafted avatar?

Yes. Bear in mind that this also applies if you buy a crafted avatar and then decide to reverse the crafting process – you’ll get the two original avatars that were used to create it.

IMPORTANT: the ONLY place you can use the trait editing feature to both create and revert crafted avatars is https://nft.habbo.com/traits/editor. It may sound obvious, but don’t try and send crafted avatars to the burn wallet to get your original two back – this will not work and you’ll lose the avatar.


Does it cost NFTC to revert my crafted avatar?

Yes, it’ll cost 5k NFTC. This is non-refundable, and the exact price is subject to change based on community feedback.


Do I pay gas fees when I revert my crafted avatar?

Yes. And this is non-refundable.


Will I get the NFTC and gas refunded when I revert my crafted avatar?



What will happen if the new crafted avatar collection reaches the maximum size of 3,500?

You won’t be able to craft one until one of the crafted avatars is reverted.


Will avatars flagged for “suspicious activity” be usable in this feature?



Will avatars flagged for suspicious activity remain flagged if they are reverted?



Will you ever remove this feature and close minting for the new collection permanently?

While we can’t promise to keep crafted avatar minting open forever, the intention is to leave it open. If we do decide to close it, we’ll give ample warning.


What happens to rarity rankings in the genesis Habbo Avatars collection?

Given the two collections will be constantly shifting, rarity rankings on our Rarity Sniper and rarity.tools pages will no longer be correct. We’ll remove these two third party services from our official links pages and will no longer promote them to the community.


In the previous proposal, you said that when Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars are used in the trait editing feature, they wouldn’t be burned. Is this still the case?

Yes, neither Trippy or Ultra Trippy avatars will be burned when they’re used in the crafting process. We decided to do this so that those avatars aren’t removed from the genesis Habbo Avatars collection.


If Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars aren’t burnt, does that mean owners of avatars with effects of that rarity will get perks from both the genesis and crafted avatar collections?

Yes, although it’s to be confirmed exactly what perks owners of crafted afters will get.


Will you add a way to see which two avatars were used to create a crafted avatar?

Yes, we plan to add this sort of functionality although it may not be part of the first release.


How will you ensure two avatars that are exactly the same aren’t crafted?

Before an avatar is minted, our systems will check to ensure that the exact same avatar doesn’t already exist in the new collection.


How many NFTC will crafted avatars get on a daily basis, and what will the precise perks be? I.e. will they get double claims and airdrops, what perks will they get in Habbo X, and so on?

This is yet to be decided. We’ll consult the community council to ensure we hit the mark here. When applicable, the idea is to give the same sort of perks you’d get if you would have two avatars. So, overall you wouldn’t be losing any perks if you craft an avatar.

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