Utility and functionality

Owning a room in Habbo X provides a huge amount of utility, benefits and perks. December's sale of 1,000 rooms (total supply of 1,300) is the genesis Habbo X room collection, and will have the best perks out of all rooms we release.


While we will improve and update rooms as Habbo X development progresses, below you can find a list of the main points of utility we've already confirmed:

Owning a Habbo X genesis room comes with a variety of useful perks and benefits:

  1. Full, immediate access to December's Alpha 1, as well as all future alpha tests.
  2. The ability to earn NFT credits.
  3. Full access to Habbo X's enormous back catalogue of furniture items.
  4. The future ability to monetise your rooms by charging and awarding NFT credits to people that participate and do well in activities and games you host.
  5. Genesis rooms will act as specialised NFT factories able to regularly produce exclusive NFTs for use in-game and for use in our crafting feature. These items will not be available anywhere else and will create an interesting supply/demand mechanic.
  6. Genesis rooms will also have the best positioning on the Habbo X world map. More information about the Habbo X world map and geography will come at a later date in the game’s development.
  7. With the larger sizes (Junior, Executive and Presidential Suites), you get an exclusive, bonus and limited edition fridge NFT! Note: you only get one of the fridges if you buy a room from our website. The fridge is a limited edition NFT furni item hosted on Immutable X.


Further information:

Pricing and supply

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